North Carolina gas station lowers prices to $2.25 to give community break at the pump

The station in Burnsville ran out of gas in a few hours, but the owners plan to drop the price again soon.
NORTH CAROLINA -- Imagine buying gas for about $2 a gallon.

That's hard to come by these days, but lucky drivers in North Carolina were able to get it for $2.25 a gallon.

Gas station owners in Burnsville said they wanted to help people during this time, so they took a loss and dropped their prices.

Their customers were very thankful.

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"I think that's really great and kind of them to do that for people around here like us," customer Caylie Vess said. "I think it's really good of them."

The cheap gas was available from just before noon to about 5 p.m., when it ran out.

The station is expecting another delivery Thursday night or Friday morning.

The owners plan to drop the price again soon.

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