North Raleigh neighbors hope plan to back local businesses catches on

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Monday, May 18, 2020
North Raleigh neighbors hope plan to back local businesses catches on
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A neighborhood in north Raleigh is spreading acts of kindness.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A neighborhood in North Raleigh is spreading acts of kindness. Residents have banded together to support local businesses. The organizer is hoping what they are doing will inspire other neighborhoods to do the same.

Utilizing a neighborhood Facebook page, Beth Mull started a fundraiser.

"A lot of us are blessed," Mull said. "I know that I felt like how can I use the money that we have or are being gifted through the stimulus to bless others who are being hit hard."

She set a goal of raising $500 to support one local business.

"We just all pick a day and we just buy something from them or support them in some way," she said.

Close to 30 families in Summerfield North purchased $520 in gift cards from Sola Coffee Cafe. Mull then donated those cards to support staffers at Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community -- helping two local businesses simultaneously. Executive Director Brandon Hair is happy to hand them out to some of his more than 500 employees.

"It's just really great to know that people are out there thinking about other health centers such as nursing homes or assisted living or independent living where they have staff members that do just as important work and are just as deserved as anyone so I was really excited that they chose us," Hair said.

Sola owner John Luther has been amazed by the love being shown for his shop and his employees.

"Unique things that happened have been greatly appreciated," he said. "People have brought gifts and flowers and donuts and other stuff just to keep us going."

By getting her children involved, Mull is teaching them valuable lessons about service. Bigger picture, her dream is to inspire other communities.

"Every neighborhood, to do this with one business, they could do it once or they could do it five times like we probably will," Mull said. "It really speaks volumes to people who are in the trenches or overwhelmed financially and yeah it gives us the opportunity to love each other well."

Layton's Produce is next on her "business blowout" list. A little help going a long way.