Couple separated during WWII re-ignites love story 72 years later

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NEW YORK -- They say true love never dies, and a new story offers some rock solid proof.

A veteran U.S soldier and an Australian woman who were separated during World War II have reunited and rekindled their romance after more than 70 years.

As love stories go, it is a dream ending, a hug and kiss seven decades in the making. Norwood Thomas is now 93 years old, and he last held his wartime sweetheart, 88-year-old Joyce Morris, in London shortly before D-Day in 1944.

The relationship was lost in the fog of war, and they went their separate ways to opposite ends of the world. They moved on and married other people, but that link was never lost. Thanks to technology, they found each other and reconnected over Skype last year.

Those who heard the story were swept up in the excitement, stumping up the funds for Norwood's airfare to find his fair lady. After a three-day, 17,000-kilometer journey from the US to Adelaide, he is back in the arms of the one who got away.

And this time, he's not letting go.

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