Picturesque waste dump with turquoise water now a destination for Instagram photos

One of the hot spots to be photographed this summer is apparently a Siberian waste dump masquerading as a picturesque lake.

According to a report in the New York Times, photos taken at the reservoir outside Novosibirsk are showing up on Instagram, showing visitors popping handstands, striking a pose and even paddleboarding on and around the small lake.

There's just one problem -- the man-made reservoir, dubbed the "Maldives of Novosibirsk," functions as an ash dump for a nearby coal power plant, and the striking blue water is a result of calcium salt and metal oxide deposits, the paper reported, citing the company that owns the plant.

In a post to Russian social networking website VK, Siberian Generating Company claimed the dump is not poisonous, according to test from two independent laboratories. That being said, they told visitors not to swim in the water, which is highly alkaline.

"This is due to the fact that calcium salts and other metal oxides are dissolved in it. Skin contact with such water may cause an allergic reaction!" the company said, according to a Google translation.

They added that the bottom of the ash dump is extremely muddy and claim that it is "almost impossible" to get out of.

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