Parents outraged after school police handcuffed 7-year-old son

MIAMI, Florida -- Police took a 7-year-old boy away in handcuffs from a school in Miami after they said he attacked a teacher, leaving his parents questioning the way authorities and school officials handled the situation.

School police said it all started after the boy was taken out of the cafeteria for playing with his food.

According to reports, that's when the child attacked a teacher by repeatedly punching her in the hallway.

Once the boy was restrained, reports said, the child continued to fight the teacher with his fist and legs.

Reports said the two fell to the ground and the student grabbed the teacher's hair, pulling it towards him before he was restrained by officers.

The boy's parents have a problem with what happened after the incident.

They said they came to the school to talk to the principal and counselors and agreed that their son would be suspended for 10 days.

However, the officer told them that she had to arrest the 7-year-old or take him in for psychiatric evaluation.

The boy's parents are demanding answers because they believe the handcuffs crossed the line.
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