Peeps-flavored milk hops onto shelves

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Friday, March 6, 2015
(Prairie Farms Dairy)
Prairie Farms Dairy

CARLINVILLE, Ill. -- Yeah, you read that right - just in time for Easter, here comes Peeps-flavored milk.

Prairie Farms Dairy and Peeps have teamed up to bring you new milk flavors. The companies have announced a line of Peeps-infused milks.

Marshmallow Milk, Chocolate Marshmallow Milk and Easter Egg Nog flavors are available.

Last year, the company produced limited-time Jelly Bean milk.

"The PEEPS Milk carton graphics will stand apart from other products in the dairy case. They are colorful and playful and feature the beloved PEEPS shapes along with fun recipes on the side panels," said Prairie Farms VP of marketing Rebecca Leinenbach.

Leinenbach said there were three rounds of taste-tests to get the recipe right.

"There aren't any PEEPS marshmallows in the milk but the milk flavors do taste similar to their PEEPS marshmallow candy counterparts," she said.

Peeps suggests using the milks in recipes, coffee or as an accompaniment to a favorite cereal.

You too can come up with a sweet Peeps dairy treat. Prairie Farms is holding a contest for consumers to design their own Peeps product.

"Can you imagine #Peepsmilk in a bowl of Lucky Charms? You'd need to add sugar to cut the sweetness," Twitter user Rachael Kelley wrote.

Leinenbach says summer flavors will be on the way next. But for now, these Easter-Bunny approved drinks are the focus of spring.

"The Easter Bunny told us the flavors are PEEP-tastic!" she said.

Unfortunately for East and West Coasters, the milks are only sold in the Midwest and parts of the South - Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, southeast Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and southwest Ohio.

The downstate Carlinville, Ill.,-based dairy was first formed in 1932 and now has 700 farms.

Prairie Farms says its dairy products are made without the use of artificial growth hormones. Besides milk, Prairie Farms produces cottage cheese, sour cream, dips, yogurt, half and half, whipping cream, juice and juice drinks, ice cream and novelties.

Peeps is owned by Just Born Quality Confections, founded in 1923 and headquartered in Bethlehem, Pa. They make Peeps, Hot Tamales, and Mike and Ikes.

Prairie Farms isn't the first company to tackle the weird-food market. Check out these other culinary oddities:

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