Peter Thiel at RNC: 'I'm proud to be gay, I'm proud to be a Republican'

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Friday, July 22, 2016
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Watch entrepreneur Peter Thiel's full speech at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- High-tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel says he's proud to be gay and proud to be a Republican - but most of all, proud to be an American.

And that declaration is winning Thiel loud cheers at the Republican convention.

The PayPal co-founder is the first person to give a GOP convention speech and acknowledge being gay.

** Click on the video player above to watch Thiel's full speech **

Thiel says the culture wars are distracting Americans from important economic issues. He says debates over transgender people and bathrooms are "a distraction from our real problems."

His speech caused a stir on social media. First off, it caused a lot of people to go to Google to find out more about him:

And plenty of people talking about his speech -- from all sides of the political arena:

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The Associate Press contributed to this report.