VIDEO: Family warning others to watch out for pets after small dog was snatched by large bird

Monday, February 18, 2019
VIDEO: Small dog snatched by large bird in Nevada
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VIDEO: Small dog snatched by large bird in Nevada

The owner of a small dog in Nevada is warning others to watch the skies when they take their pets out to play.

That's after her dog was almost grabbed by what looked like a hawk.

Surveillance cameras captured the large bird's swift attempt and the owner's quick actions that saved her beloved pet.

"We just hear them barking and crying," said owner Cecilia Celis. So we are like, 'oh they're just play fighting.' And a second later I just look outside. We see a huge the wing like fly up. So I run up and I yell at the bird, I'm like, 'get off my dog! Get off!'"

With her family's surveillance cameras rolling, Celis is seen rushing outside.

"I thought she was going to die or something because that's a big bird compared to her," said Celis.

The video shows her two-pound Yorkie in the talons of the large bird.

"It was just like had its wings over her, like hold his meal pretty much," Celis said.

From another angle, you can see when Celis runs out, grabbing a pillow, fighting to free her puppy.

The bird finally let go after three hits.

The family rushed Lulu to the vet, where they learned she would be okay.

"We were lucky. It just had one nail inside," Celis said.