Dog DNA controversy brewing at Raleigh apartment complex

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The "North City Six" apartments is trying to flush out a problem with dog waste.

However, the approach the complex is taking, which proclaims to be pet friendly, has some residents asking questions.

The apartment management told ABC that they've exhausted all their options. Even with several doggie bag stations, they say they have to clean up two five-gallon bucket fulls of waste every week.

So, they're hoping science will help solve the problem.

The complex has teamed up with start-up company out of Cary called "PawzLife." Reps from the company will go to the complex next weekend to swab every dog that lives there for their DNA.

Company officials said the process involves a quick Q-Tip swab inside the mouth, which is completely painless. The DNA will then go on record at the complex. It will be destroyed once the dog and its family moves out of the complex.

The next time they find unpicked up waste, they can test it and find out who isn't cleaning up after their dog.

"You can catch whoever is doing it by the DNA. That's what's important because it doesn't matter if they increase the pet fees," said one resident. "It's the people that go out late at night or early in the morning that do, and they don't think they'll get caught, and they'll do it right in front of the building and not pick up."

The new service won't cost residents a dime. The same amount of money the complex uses for cleanup will be used now for prevention.

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