Harnett County woman begging dog-napper to return puppy

ANGIER, N.C. (WTVD) -- An Angier woman's 5-month-old puppy was snatched from a car parked outside of a Garner restaurant earlier this week.

Taylor Sermersheim is devastated. She has been passing out flyers over the last few days to try and find her puppy Charlee.

Charlee is a beagle mix and was rescued from the Harnett County Animal Shelter.

"I put a reward," said Sermersheim. "I'm infuriated, just so upset. I just don't understand. She wasn't a stray. She's my dog. I don't understand. If you thought she was in danger, then call the police or something like that. Don't take it upon yourself to take someone's property."

Charlee does have a microchip and has been reported missing with the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

The puppy was stolen from the parking lot outside of Smithfield's Chicken and BBQ on Highway 42.

On Wednesday, Sermersheim and some coworkers left Charlee in the car when they went inside to grab a quick bite to eat. A coworker left a door unlocked.

When the group came back out after eating, the door was open and the dog was gone.

"We were just stunned. Instantly, we just started yelling for her. I was just so upset," said Sermersheim.

Sermersheim is asking the culprit to return the puppy to the Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital. Sermersheim works there as a veterinarian's assistant.

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