Arizona officer adopts girl he consoled during welfare check

KINGMAN, Ariz. (WTVD) -- Law enforcement officers are often asked to work difficult cases--but one officer went above and beyond and earned a new title: dad.

Lt. Brian Zach met Kyla during a welfare check four years ago in Kingman, Ariz. At the time, she was 2 years old and a clear victim of child abuse in need of a new home.

"She had a skull fracture, brain bleed and dislocated elbow," Zach said. "My heart felt for this little girl who was covered in bruises. She had a very strong spirit about her."

Zach took a big leap immediately after meeting her--he opted to be a short-term placement home for Kyla while a more permanent solution was in the works.

"They said it would only be a couple weeks to a month until they could find a placement home for her," Zach said. "We played it week by week, month by month, court date by court date, not knowing how long we would really have."

Eventually, he made his own permanent solution. Four years after the initial call, he adopted Kyla.

Fellow officer and childhood friend detective Heath Mosby said he couldn't believe his friend's spirit of generosity.

"I was awe struck. Never heard of any of our officers doing that," Mosby said. "When it finally came down to finally adoption, it was awesome. It was like wow holy c-word. This is actually happening."

But Zach knew it was fate.

"She just so loving that God sent her to me for a reason, and I'm very thankful for it," he said.

Zach said he hopes to foster more children in the future.
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