HIllary Clinton holds campaign fundraiser in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Presidential politics took over one North Raleigh neighborhood Wednesday night.

Democratic heavy-hitters, including former Gov. Jim Hunt, attended a high-dollar dinner for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I'm not easy to impress. She just impressed the hell out of me," said Hunt shortly after leaving that fundraiser. "Hillary Clinton made one of the most amazing speeches about what we need to do to move this country forward and provide jobs and good opportunities for everybody that I've ever heard in my life."

This was Clinton's first visit to North Carolina since she announced her bid for presidency.

The fundraiser was held at the home of George Reddin on Lakestone Drive. Reddin is the managing director of FMI Capital Advisors. Attendees paid $2,700 a piece, which drew criticism from spectators in the crowd outside the home.

"For her first campaign visit to North Carolina she chose to hold a high-dollar Raleigh fundraiser, instead of talking about issues families care about most," said NCGOP Spokesperson Ricky Diaz.

"This is the way the game works, but it is wrong to have money be such a big factor in American politics, and I think she's going to work hard to change it," said Hunt.

Other big political names inside that closed door fundraiser were former Gov. Bev Purdue and former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan.

At last check with the Federal Elections Commission, Clinton has raised more than $47.1 million for her campaign. In comparison, Ted Cruz tops the fundraising list for the republican side with $14.3 million.

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