North Carolina lawmakers looking for ways to curb drunk driving

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- North Carolina lawmakers are looking for ways to curb drunk driving in our state.

A proposed bill would require ignition interlock devices for any drunk driver returning to the road after having their license revoked.

Representatives Darren Jackson, Debra Conrad, Gale Adcock, and Harry Warren are sponsoring House Bill DRH40063-SA-4, which is being called 0.00 Alcohol Restriction - All DWI.

The first offense would require a 0.04 blood alcohol content to start your car, and the second offense would ensure that your car won't start if you drink at all.

Underage drunk drivers would also not be able to start their cars with any alcohol in their system, which would be required on the first offense.

House Bill 298 is slated to be introduced in the House Thursday.

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