PolitiFact: Examining statements by Bernie Sanders, Duane Hall

This week, PolitiFact examines the veracity of statements made by two Democrats.

State Rep. Duane Hall, who has battled allegations of sexual misconduct this year, is circulating mailers that suggest he's endorsed by the Democratic Party.

One mailer boasts that Hall is "making education priority one." And at the bottom, the words "endorsed by" accompany a blue "D" with a circle around it. The logo is almost identical to the one used by the Democratic National Committee.

But are the national Democrats or even the state party supporting Hall in his re-election run?

PolitiFact looked at this.

Here's what they found

Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent and Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, shared a stage with the Rev. William Barber II at Duke University on April 19 to talk about systemic inequality during their event to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

To drive home his point about U.S. defense spending, Sanders said, "We've spent more money on the military than the next 12 nations combined."

Is that true?

PolitiFact looked at Sanders' statement.

Here's what they found.