Rezoning plan worries Cary residents

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- Changing close to 22 acres of West Cary from residential use to commercial use had many residents flocking to a neighborhood meeting at Cary's Town Hall Wednesday night.

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"People just don't want all that development. We're happy to drive down the road to Target, we don't want it in our backyard," said Cary resident, Mary Lee.

She was one of roughly 40 people from the Arlington Park Subdivision sharing that sentiment with planners of a land that could be rezoned for commercial use. The part that would undergo changes is the northwest corner of Green Level Church and Carpenter Fire Station roads.

Currently, the area is zoned for residential use. But those who want to develop the land say there's a concern that putting more homes in the area will overcrowd nearby schools. So they want the Town of Cary to rezone it for commercial use.

"What we don't want is to have it taken over by very aggressive commercial development," said Lee.

"It's uncertainty," said Cary resident, Jeff Meyer, who has been trying to sell his home since May, but said the rezoning plans have been making it hard.

"The amount of loss that can come from losing your safety and the overall value of your home being taken away from you is intolerable for us," said Meyer.

While there are no plans for what specific businesses would open in that proposed development, planners said they initially envisioned at least sit-down restaurants. That idea did earn applause from at least one person in the crowd.

The plans are in beginning stages and planners promise many more conversations with residents. They say those conversations and every step of the process could take until summer of next year.

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