Trump or Clinton? ABC11 viewers tell us why

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Friday, November 4, 2016
Trump in Raleigh
Donald Trump hammered Hillary Clinton during a campaign stop in Raleigh.

North Carolina voters are divided nearly down the middle this presidential election and we asked you why you were supporting your candidate. Here's what viewers had to say about their support of Donald Trump.

Please note that this is an opinion story. The views, opinions and positions expressed and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of ABC11.

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The most liked comment out of the 600 plus posted to our Facebook page came from Adam Cartwright who said:

"Its not about Trump anymore...its (sic) about voting against the corrupt establishment who are trying to destroy this country. The way the media is in Hillarys (sic) back pocket and how they have tried to destroy Trump proves who the right choice is."

Rhonda Wright Durham agrees. "I am voting for Trump because it is time to change the establishment."

Cartwright's comment generated nearly 400 likes and 50 comments.

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Danielle Stover says she is voting Trump partially over the incident in Benghazi, Libya.

"He owns up to his mistakes and acknowledges his short comings," Stover wrote on our Facebook page. "Hillary could say the sky is purple and 10 minutes say 'that's not what I said...' Then there's Benghazi....that alone is a reason I'm not voting for her."

Tawnya McDiffitt also is backing Trump. "One of the reasons I'm voting for Trump is because he speaks his mind. Granted, he needs to watch his language some, but I'm so tired of people who need political coddling because something offends them."

For Zach Church state rights are why he is voting Trump.

"He is a strong believer in state legislation and laws," Church said. "He likes to use the term 'let the states decide.' Which I firmly back 100%."

Lou Ann Truitt is a Trump supporter due to her concerns over the economy.

"Because Trump is a businessman and Pence is a politician. I think the mix will be good. I am afraid if Hillary wins I will be out of a job. We are already sending a lot of our work out of the country to be built therefore causing layoffs. I have 6 years for retirement I would hate to have to find a new job now at my age."

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