#Poordale trends after funny closing notice in NC

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

HIGH POINT (WTVD) -- While many in North Carolina enjoyed a day off from work or school, one poor guy, it seemed, would get no such luck.

From MyFox8:

  • On Friday, a closing notice was aired on FOX8 that Metal Works of High Point would be closed today, but Dale would be working.The closing read:Metal Works of High PointClosed Today; Dale to work normal hours#poordale has since started trending on Twitter.Metal Works of High Point said it was all a joke and that Dale did not work on Friday.Metal Works continued with the joke, teasing on Twitter that a decision would be made on Dale's status for Saturday.On an updated closing notice that aired on FOX8's crawl Friday afternoon, Metal Works posted:Closed Tomorrow; Dale- 1 hr delay #poordale
  • Dale's not out of the woods yet, apparently:

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