Hoke County firefighters hailed as heroes for saving 1-year-old boy choking on penny

HOKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Four firefighters with the Puppy Creek Fire Department are being hailed as heroes.

On Sunday, Sept. 6, firefighters responded to a choking call that ended up as an infant in cardiac arrest. Firefighters found 1-year-old Karter Stroud unresponsive.

"We called 911.The Puppy Creek Fire Department was here really fast. Couldn't believe how fast they were here," said Karter's mother, Katherine Stroud.

"We pulled into the subdivision and pulled down the street we were heading to. We spotted the lady running down the street with the infant. She handed me the baby and I started compressions and back blows," said Puppy Creek firefighter William Overton.

"I was praying and hoping they could bring him back. He wasn't responsive. He was lifeless," said Stroud.

"I was about three minutes into a cycle of alternating between back blows and chest compressions. That's when I stopped and saw the baby was breathing again," said Overton.

"It was the happiest moment and one of the scariest moments. I was worried he had gone without oxygen for too long to his brain," said Stroud.

"The State Fire Marshal has a life-saver award issued by his office which is the highest award and these guys are going to receive it," said Puppy Creek Fire Department Fire Chief.

"He's here. He wouldn't be here anymore. That's not a life I ever want to imagine. Thank you Puppy Creek fire for everything you did that day," said Stroud.
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