Watch a swarm of cuddly rabbits descend upon man with carrots

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Friday, March 25, 2016
The island of Okunoshima in Japan is also known as Rabbit Island.

This island proves there's no such thing as too many adorable bunnies in one place.

When a visitor to Japan's Okunoshima island comes armed with carrots, it quickly becomes clear why the place is more commonly known as Rabbit Island. My BB Bunny, a YouTube channel all about bunnies, shared a video showing some of the island's inhabitants descending upon the visitor to get a nibble.

These rabbits are so friendly (and so numerous) because Rabbit Island doesn't have any natural predators. So the rabbits are more than comfortable approaching visitors, especially those bearing fresh vegetables.

Though it's in the running for one of the most adorable islands on Earth, Okunoshima wasn't always that way. During World War II, it was home to a chemical weapons laboratory. When the war ended, the rabbits that had been used in the lab were released into the wild, and Rabbit Island was born.

Located in the Inland Sea of the Japanese city of Takehara, the island is today home to more bunnies than people. There are only about a dozen humans living there among thousands of rabbits.