Decision to take home rabid kitten comes back to bite Hope Mills family of six

Akilah Davis Image
Thursday, July 26, 2018

HOPE MILLS, NC (WTVD) -- Cumberland County animal control officials are warning the public of its first confirmed case of rabies in 2018.

An injured stray kitten was found in a church parking lot in the 3300 block of Legion Road in Hope Mills. A month later, the kitten started behaving erratically, and the family who rescued it sought veterinary care.

The state public health lab in Raleigh confirmed Tuesday that the animal had rabies. Seven people have been exposed to the rabid kitten including the doctor who was caring for the animal.

All six family members, plus the doctor, who received a scratch from the kitten, have started post-exposure treatment.

All pet owners are urged to check the vaccination status of their pets. If pets are not vaccinated or are due for a booster shot, they should be taken to a local veterinarian for rabies vaccination immediately.