Raleigh Woman runs daily for 40 years, earns national title for her streak

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Raleigh woman's daily runs streak earns her a national title
Eighty-two-year-old Barbara Latta doesn't miss a daily run. It's something she's done every day for the last forty years.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Barbara Latta, 82, doesn't miss a daily run. It's something the Raleigh native has done every day for the last forty years.

"God has blessed me with good health, good legs and feet," Latta said. "And, I would say it's better to get up and move, keep moving and exercise as that it's just you'll feel so much better after you run, you know?

"It was just a habit I started. It was just a cold day. And, my children, I have two sons. We were sitting on the couch and I said, 'Guys, I think we'd feel better if we get out and go run.' And they said, No.

"So, I thought, OK, I'll go, but I'll make it quick. And I ran for the first time when I got about three or four miles when I turned around, came back and I thought, Gee, I feel so good."

Latta's running streak is currently the second longest among American women according to the Streak Runners International/U.S. Runners Streak Association now listing Latta as a legend.

"I never thought about running 40 years," Latta explained. "I love just being out here and I enjoy running alone many times. And I've, I've met so many interesting people." She has also run in interesting places.

Barbara Latta

"We travel a lot," Latta said about her husband. "So, I've run in every continent and I've been to all 50 states and I've run all over the world. Antarctica was my favorite place."

Latta started running daily on December 5, 1983, as a hobby. Since that day, she hasn't stopped.

The only thing that stops Latta from lacing up her running shoes is lightning but she will still go once it clears.

She has completed four marathons and a few half marathons. To celebrate her forty-year daily run milestone, Latta took to Shelley Lake in Raleigh before 5 am with family and friends of the N.C. Roadrunners club.

"It's just a habit," Latta said. "I just enjoy it. I love it!"