As Raleigh grows, a closer look at regulations for building in floodplains

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The results of a City of Raleigh survey could mean developers will have a harder time building in Raleigh's floodplain, pushing future development into other areas of the city.

Wayne Miles, Raleigh's Stormwater Program Manager said the floodplain survey, a first for the city, is looking to determine what can be built in the city's floodplain and how to make it safer for people who live and do business in these areas subject to flooding during storms and large rain events.

Earlier this year, the city's stormwater management division mailed a request to about 4,000 people who live or own property in or near the floodplain, to take the online survey.

Miles said so far, his division has received 360 responses.

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Stakeholders will meet this Thursday to review those survey results before the Stormwater Management Advisory Commission makes a recommendation to City Council.

Less than 10 percent of the city sits in a floodplain, but Miles said with pressures to develop throughout Raleigh, he wants these public policy decisions ensure that growth is smart and sustainable.

"They could impact the amount of land that is developable in Raleigh," said Miles. "It could impact density in the city of Raleigh. So if we are not allowing development in some areas of the city, it could make other areas more dense."

You still have time take the online survey.

Find out if you live in a floodplain.
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