5-day report released on Raleigh police shooting

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Friday, September 2, 2016
Jaqwan Julius Terry
Jaqwan Julius Terry

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The Raleigh Police Department has released the so-called "5-day Report" on Monday's officer-involved shooting on Donald Ross Drive near the Raleigh Country Club.


Jaqwan Julius Terry, 24, of Raleigh was killed. Senior Officer B.K. Burleson was shot in the leg.

The report says the incident began when police were called to a home in the 200 block of Donald Ross Drive about a man who was not supposed to be there.

Officer Burleson spoke with a woman who identified Terry as her former boyfriend who she had told she didn't want to see him anymore. The woman said Terry had come to the house and behaved threateningly.

Terry returned to the home while Burleson was there and the policeman "asked Mr. Terry if he could have a word with him in an attempt to investigate the report of his earlier threatening behavior toward the resident," reads the report.

The report says Terry then ran off on foot with Burleson in pursuit.

In the 300-block of Donald Ross Drive, Terry tried to climb a wooden fence and Burleson caught up to him and tried to pull him back.

"...he gave multiple commands for Mr. Terry to stop resisting and get down on the ground. As the two struggled in a crouched position, Officer Burleson observed a handgun on the ground directly underneath Mr. Terry. He pushed Mr. Terry away in an attempt to distance Mr. Terry from the handgun. This measure proved unsuccessful, and Mr. Terry picked up the handgun and pointed it directly at Officer Burleson as Officer Burleson was attempting to stand up.

Believing that his life was in immediate danger, Officer Burleson drew his firearm and fired at approximately the same time that Mr. Terry fired at Officer Burleson. Officer Burleson was struck but continued to fire his weapon at Mr. Terry, who was continuing to point his weapon at Officer Burleson."

As Officer Burleson and Mr. Terry were exchanging gunfire, Master Officer B.S. Beausoleil arrived and saw Mr. Terry pointing a firearm at Officer Burleson. Believing that Mr. Terry posed an imminent deadly threat to Officer Burleson, Officer Beausoleil fired his weapon at Mr. Terry, who fell to the ground, still holding the firearm."

Both wounded men were taken to WakeMed where Terry later died. Officer Burleson is recovering from his wound.

The SBI and Internal Affairs continue to investigate the shooting, which is standard procedure.

Burleson's police car was equipped with a dash camera, but it was not recording as he had not activated his blue lights before getting out of the car.

Officers Burelson and Beausoleil will remain on administrative duty pending the completion of the investigations.