Drivers caught red-handed blowing through lights in Fayetteville

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Drivers caught on red light camera
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Footage released by Fayetteville officials show drivers blowing through red lights

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- Jaw-dropping video from Fayetteville's new red light program shows drivers barreling through red lights without making any attempt to stop.

Red light cameras are stationed at three intersections around Fayetteville. The fine for getting caught running a red light is $100. In a two week period since the red light program began, the cameras flashed nearly 800 times. So far, 286 citations have been mailed to violators.

City officials say hundreds more pictures are being reviewed and processed.

"The message to motorists," said Fayetteville spokesperson Kevin Arata, "Slow down and make sure you are not rushing through a light."

The city just released video from one of the cameras at the intersection of Reilly Road. Motorists are caught trying to squeeze through the intersection before the light changes, while others are shown blasting through red lights with blatant disregard.

The city says red light cameras make intersections safer.

"There was a close, almost "T-bone" collision in one of (the videos), when a car came screaming through the light and a car coming the other way when it was green," said Arata. "And that's the kind of thing we are trying to prevent."

Some drivers are in favor of the red light cameras.

"People will be more mindful in running lights knowing someone is always watching them," said motorist Kia Lane.

Others worry the cameras may cause drivers to overreact.

"You get people trying to run through the lights or slamming on brakes so they don't go through the light, and possibly cause an accident," said driver Darrin Grim.

To learn more about the program, how it's financed, and how to pay for and challenge citations, click here.

By early September, city officials hope to have additional cameras set up and operating at five other intersections around town.

An office where drivers can appeal citations will open next week.

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