Retired Brig. Gen. speaks on Ukraine War and 'loss of life' fears

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Retired Brigadier Gen. Arnold Gordon-Bray spent more than 35 years serving his country and leading troops in war zones. He now works at Fayetteville State University as the Director of Military Affairs and comes to the job with a depth of knowledge about the man behind the Ukraine War.

Gordon-Bray is a NATO-certified officer.

He was part of a threat analysis team that helped design and build the Army's plan for 2030 and beyond.

He was involved in mock situations and even played the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin during these drills, which included diving into the psychology of a megalomaniac and then figuring out ways to defeat his capabilities.

Gordon-Bray told ABC11 that he was not surprised by the Ukraine invasion and believes Putin is considering nuclear weapons.

"I think he's thinking about, using tactical nuclear systems, and that's just using small yields. But once he opens that door, he knows basically it just becomes a matter or reach (and) range and impacts," Gordon-Bray said. "You're hopeful the oligarchs around him and others will be his restraining mechanism. The only way they're going to have any effect is to threaten his life personally. It's going to be an internal argument with those who recognize the threat of growth or escalation as we go forward."

Gordon-Bray said he worried about the longevity of the war and what it'll mean for service members stationed with the 82nd Airborne.

"I have the concerns for loss of life for every soldier. The only people who don't think about that are those who haven't had to hold the hands or see someone who loses a life," he said.

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Extended interview with Retired Brigadier Gen. Arnold Gordon-Bray, who now serves as Fayetteville State University's Director of Military Affairs, who gives his analysis of the war in Ukraine.

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