'It was so fast': Rocky Mount couple recounts their brush with tornado

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Friday, July 21, 2023
'It was so fast': Rocky Mount couple recounts their brush with tornado
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A Rocky Mount couple describes the moment an EF-3 tornado slammed into their home Wednesday.

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Rocky Mount couple living in the Belmont Lakes Preserve recounted their brush with an EF-3 tornado during Wednesday's storms.

Homeowners Mark and Joyce spoke with ABC11 on Thursday while roofing teams worked on their home that had its roof torn off and windows blown out.

"I was just entering the house and said 'Mark do you know there's a tornado warning?' And he said 'Joyce I don't like the sound of that noise,'" Joyce said.

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Mark said he was home when the kitchen window was blown out and the wind rushed in.

"Just like that. It was so fast," he said.

He described the feeling of the tornado hitting the house as "incredibly scary"

"People say a tornado coming sounds like a train, I'd probably say closer to a thousand trains or a hundred jet planes all coming at the house," Mark said.

Joyce said she ran into the bathroom of their home and somehow hit her head on the tub. She said she doesn't remember what happened after her husband came to rescue her.

"I think I was crawling out of the bathroom and I really don't know what happened," Joyce said. "This was not the room to be."

The ceiling in the master bedroom and bathroom was nearly completely blown off during the storm. Joyce said the safest place for them to go would have been the powder room in the hallway.

"You see this wasn't damaged at all," she said. "Only a little debris."

Mark told ABC11 that the ceiling fell into the master bathroom and blocked the doorway.

"We sort of crawled together, not knowing what else was going to happen, and stayed right there on the floor for a few minutes until things calmed down," Joyce said. "And five minutes later, we looked up and the sun was up."

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