Cary hair stylist says UNC Transgender Health Program changed her life

Ronnie Dunn is a transgender stylist at Super Cuts in Cary.

Six months ago, she received facial feminization surgery to her forehead, through UNC's Transgender Health Program.

The results are transforming.

"You feel like you're pretty, you feel like you look nice. You feel good about yourself," said Dunn. "They contoured my forehead, they lowered my hair line and gave me a brow lift."

Dr. Elda Fisher is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at UNC, and one of 14 doctors who provide gender affirming surgeries and services for Trans men and women.

"A female skull has a very flat forehead that slopes slowly into the nasal bridge," said Dr. Fisher.

Fisher is passionate about helping this community physically become who they are inside.

"To be able to make this change on the face is extremely rewarding because they get those benefits right away," said Dr. Fisher. "Their mental health is better. They are at less risk for violence in the community as a result of this."

Patients are usually responsible for covering most services But Ronnie said her insurance mistakenly covered the cost.

She's thankful.

Over the years, the 47-year-old says she's faced harassment and employment discrimination because of her looks.

The pain left her feeling defeated and ready to give up.

"Especially when you got on women's clothes, you feel like you look like a girl, you feel good about yourself and then somebody does that and just knocks you off your high horse," said Dunn. Today she says more people see her as a woman.

"This whole program is amazing and how it's helping us and other people," said Dunn. "Just thank you, thank you to Dr. Fisher, thank you to her team. Thank you to UNC for having this program because it changed my life."

UNC launched its Transgender Health Program in the summer of 2019.

Since then, they have helped more than 500 trans men and women with gender affirming surgeries and services.

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