The time Roy Williams nearly drove Dean Smith into oncoming traffic

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Friday, September 22, 2017
Di coaches
Must be the offseason: It all laughs now for UNC coach Roy Williams and Duke assistant Jeff Capel

Get the Triangle's four D1 basketball coaches together and you're bound to learn some things. Some of them banal - like the fact they all oppose lifting the restrictions on players transferring (predictable); some of them wildly entertaining (tales from the recruiting road). I'm assuming you prefer the latter because I sure do.

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We'll begin with Roy Williams, who delighted the crowd Friday with the story of nearly driving Dean Smith into oncoming traffic, a disastrous recruiting 'date' with his wife "Wicked Wanda" as he attempted to land Tyler Hansbrough, and also being puked on by dogs. The bonus here - Roy mixed in a Dean impersonation that brought the house down:

Roy Williams spins coaching stories.

Jeff Capel, subbing for the still recovering Mike Krzyzewski, spun a yarn of recruiting scheduling misadventure involving Duke and another high-profile team:

Jeff Capel holds court on a recruiting misadventure

New man in town Kevin Keatts of course used to work under Rick Pitino at Louisville. His story involved an air travel snafu and his desperation to not disappoint his boss. Alternate Cynical (joke) Headline: Keatts Travels With Pockets of Cash on Recruiting Trips (you'll see what I mean):

Kevin Keatts on an air travel snafu

NC Central boss LeVelle Moton of course doesn't have the luxury of repping a bigtime ACC school, not yet anyway, so he needs to scour every corner for hidden talents.

Sometimes that means staring down some seriously scary dinner table choices:

LeVelle Moton on scary food and drink options.