Raleigh firefighters, first responders, stepdaughter honored with SAVE award for saving man's life

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh resident Jim Sink is grateful to be alive after suffering a heart attack and collapsing while mowing his lawn in April 2020. His stepdaughter, Lauren Roth began CPR until firefighters arrived on the scene and took over.

"I'm so grateful for these gentlemen, and for Lolo," Sink said, referencing Roth by her nickname. "I wasn't really present at that point, and wasn't aware of it, but she started it did a great job and then these gentlemen came."

Emergency responders said Roth's early CPR made all the difference in Sink's successful outcome, and they are hoping it raises awareness for the importance of learning the life-saving measure.

Though Sink is eternally grateful to all those who worked to save his life, it was the move firefighters made after Sink was on his way to the hospital that earned them the SAVE award from the State Fire Marshal.

"They went above and beyond the call of duty and mowed the lawn for me and my kids," Sink said.

Firefighters finished the yard work Sink had started while he was taken to the hospital as a small gesture to show their support for him and his family.

"The thought was for me and the crew was y'all had gone through a traumatic incident, and to come home and find the lawnmower still in the yard, remembering it didn't turn out the way it did that would be your last thought," Lt. Randall Smith with the Raleigh Fire Department explained.

He added: "My thought was to try to transition the yard back where it should be when he came home so he had good memories of everything, and hopefully what turned out good all the way around."

For going the extra mile, six first responders and seven Raleigh firefighters along with Roth received the SAVE award which is given to professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty in saving a life.

"We're grateful," Sink said. "I've got two new grandkids this year after what I went through that I was able to see and be a part of their lives. And, all I can say is just a big thank you for the love that they showed my family. We're grateful."
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