Short shorts, bare midriffs could soon be OK under Wake Schools dress-code changes

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Wake Schools may relax student dress code
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Wake Schools may relax student dress code.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Wake County students could soon wear strapless shirts, short shorts, or bare-midriff tops without issue. The Wake County School Board is considering changes to the district's Dress Code Policy.

Board members were presented a first draft at Tuesday's committee meeting, and they discussed a more gender-neutral dress code.

If an administrator, with the new policy, wants to enforce the Dress Code, they would have to be the same gender as the student.

Under the proposal, items that are considered vulgar in nature, have profanity, or promote alcohol/drug use would still be prohibited.

Vanessa Martin is a recent high school graduate. She said she thinks the current policy is outdated and unfair to female students.

"Guys would basically wear whatever they wanted and nobody ever says anything to them," Martin said. "But for a female, if your straps are showing, if your shorts are too short, basically anything gets you into trouble," she said.

Martin said that when she was in school, she had been pulled out of class because of what she was wearing.

"When you're in middle school, you're kind of going through a weird stage, and when you're singled out from everyone else, it's embarrassing," Martin said.

One Cary mom worried that a policy change could hinder a student's educational experience.

"I don't necessarily think that's appropriate," said Nora Roehm, who said she understands why the current policy is in place. "I still think it's good not to have clothes that are distracting too much, including boys wearing those big, baggy loose, down past their hips (pants). It is just as distracting as having a really short skirt."

A final decision is expected in April.