Fayetteville teen recovering from brain surgery shows courage, determination in accepting diploma

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Fayetteville teen shows courage in accepting diploma
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An 18-year-old high school student battling back from brain surgery celebrated a huge milestone Thursday night.

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- An 18-year-old high school student battling back from brain surgery celebrated a huge milestone Thursday night.

Victor Murray attended his graduation from Cape Fear High School despite spending the last several weeks in a Charlotte hospital.

It was a moment of pure inspiration. Victor's raw willpower and determination to step up and get his diploma and graduate with honors.

"He did his entire senior year at home from the bed," said Victor's adoptive father, Jay Hottel. "He wanted to push through with AP honors, and he did it."

To understand the joy, you have to appreciate Victor's struggle. Medical complications after brain surgery left the high school wrestler unable to speak and see and pretty much confined to a wheel chair and bed. However, he's never lost his spirit and will to live.

In May, he asked one of his friends for a date to the senior prom. She said yes and they were the hit of the dance.

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After that, Victor said he was going to walk across the stage graduation night, and get his diploma. It was a bitter sweet moment for his twin brother, Martin.

"It's very, very bittersweet," said Martin. "A culmination of the adversity that we have endured. Adversity he has endured on his own. It leaves me speechless, honestly."

It's a moment Victor's family wasn't sure would happen. Medical complications sent him back to a hospital in Charlotte.

"It's been a tough 18 months. Overall, it's just been a tough 18 months," said Victor's adoptive mother, Laura Hottel. "I think the hardest thing is when you have a few days that are really good, and then you back slide further than where you were to begin with."

However, the graduate is no quitter, and Victor is already talking about his next challenge.

"College is definitely in the works," said Jay Hotel. "He has got some things going on there, and Victor would love to be a high school principal."

Unfortunately, there were no after graduation parties for Victor. His family had to take him back to the hospital in Charlotte for more treatment.

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