Troubleshooter: Service provider failed to honor lower bill offer

When you are promised a lower rate from your internet, cable, and phone provider, you expect them to follow through with that promise. But for one CenturyLink customer, this was not the case.

Helen Thomas had been paying $130 each month for her television, phone, and internet services. She received an offer in the mail that promised to lower her monthly bill to $89.99

"That was a good deal," Thomas said.

The company promised to lower her bill by almost $40 a month, but when she got her first bill, it had increased instead.

"I got that first bill and it was $195, blew my mind," she said.

So she called CenturyLink.

"They said oh somebody quoted you wrong, somebody didn't give you the right price," Thomas said.

Thomas insisted she was quoted for $89.99 for all three services. She asked CenturyLink to review the original phone call when she was offered that rate.

"He called me back and said you were right, the girl who did it quoted you that price, but there is no way that we can honor it," Thomas said.

The CenturyLink employee that called her back said the lowest monthly rate he could give her was $99.99.

But when the next bill came it was $157.

"It was just a big mess," Thomas said. "And I said, 'Diane Wilson can get the job done.'"

So we got in touch with CenturyLink and they reached out to Thomas.

"I've had two real nice ladies to call me, and they said I would get it for $89.99 and I'm getting credit back for all the other bills," Thomas said. "It all worked out real good and I'm so glad that you took the case for me."

A representative with CenturyLink apologized to Thomas and issued this statement:

"CenturyLink's goal is to provide quality products and a positive customer experience. We evaluate customer concerns on a case-by-case basis and, in this instance; we were able to adjust the customer's bill. We have apologized to the customer and they are satisfied with our resolution."

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