North Carolina town ranked best place for singles

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
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CARRBORO (WTVD) -- If you are single, listen up! The best place to be in the U.S. is right here in North Carolina - Carrboro to be exact, according to

The lifestyle website says the Orange County town is considered one of the most progressive communities in the southeast and holds a "high concentration of single adults who are generally more active and social than the average American."

Carrboro nabbed the top spot based on Census data and Esri's geographic information systems mapping software which helps people understand and visualize data to make decisions based on the best information available, explained.

According to the website, though "singles in Carrboro tend to use online dating sites at a slightly higher rate than other places, the city's layout, college-town vibe and assortment of entertainment options make meeting someone the old-fashion way highly possible."

Nearby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also helped with Carrboro's appeal.

Here are the other area's that ranked on the "2015 10 Best Cities for Singles," according to Livability:

2. Hoboken, New Jersey

3. West Hollywood, California

4. Oxford, Mississippi

5. San Marcos, Texas

6. Ypsilanti, Michigan

7. Ames, Iowa

8. Miami Beach, Florida

9. Athens, Georgia

10. Moscow, Idaho

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