All-women skydiving group breaks world record

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
All-women skydiving group breaks world record
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This all-women skydiving group is planning to break the world record.

NEW YORK -- In 2020, this all-women skydiving group celebrated the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote with a 100 person jump! Localish chatted with Professional skydivers Sara Curtis and Amy Chmelecki about how they organized the record-breaking jump, known as "Project 19", and how their group overcame challenges presented to them by the pandemic.

"Only 13% of skydivers are women," Says Sara Curtis, one of the leaders of the group. "In an initiative like a world record, you could have people that are from all over the world, all different mentalities, and all different thoughts. But we come together with a common goal and none of that matters at all. When something needs to get done, you got to focus on that."

While the pandemic presented numerous challenges and ended up delaying the event, nothing could stop these determined women from completing their goals.

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