Shoppers find local deals on Small Business Saturday

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Sunday, November 27, 2022
Shoppers find local deals on Small Business Saturday
Shoppers filled local businesses such as Homewood Nursery on Honeycutt Road in Raleigh for Small Business Saturday.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Boosters call it Small Business Saturday, an opportunity to attract customers like Richard Remer.

Remer was glad he went to Homewood Nursery on Honeycutt Road in Raleigh at a time when the cars of local shoppers filled the parking lot.

"The big box stores are great, they've got a big selection," Remer said. "But we really have to care about these folks. They deliver a wonderful service, those specialty items that we would not be able to get otherwise."

The poinsettias and other reminders of Christmas filled the store as people browsed and bought items Saturday.

The owner said he was grateful for the support that keeps his cashiers busy.

"We, like everyone else in small business, have been dealing with rising costs from the supply chain," said Homewood Nursery owner Joe Steffregen. "The cost of diesel fuel, not being able to get the things we wanted. Last year we got about 60% of our Christmas inventory. This year's has been better, but we are seeing some price increases. Unfortunately, we have to pass those price increases on along to our customers."

Shop Local Raleigh raised awareness of participating jewelry, toy, travel, sporting goods, bookstores and more online, along with discounts and incentives for Small Business Saturday.

"To go out to these wonderful local shops, a great selection like this fresh rosemary plant I just purchased, it doesn't get much better, particularly on a sunny day like this," Remer said.