World War II postcard arrives 70 years later

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- A U.S. soldier fighting in World War II sent a postcard home to his mother in Indiana, but it got lost in the mail. Seventy years later, the card finally reached its destination.

Amanda Thompson bought the vintage Army postcard at a garage sale. She spent 10 years trying to find its owner. Finally, she tracked down Robert Stuckey in Evansville.

The postcard was written by his father. Stuckey says that reading the message made him feel like his father was there with him. He said he feels honored.

"My whole family does. I mean from the bottom of my heart. You know she could have just thrown it away. She didn't," Stuckey said.

Stuckey says he'll keep his father's memory alive by sharing this story with his grandchildren.

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