Young girl holds lemonade stand for boy battling cancer in the Bronx

THROGS NECK, Bronx -- Sometimes a lemonade stand is about much more than the birth of an entrepreneur. It's not to say there isn't hard work involved, but a little lemonade stand on Revere Avenue in the Bronx is reminding customers what it means to care. In this case - it means caring for a complete stranger.

6-year-old Kaitlyn Barrios and 7-year-old Jaiden Carter never met before Sunday - but they know each other now, because Jaiden, with a big bright smile, is in the fight of his life.

"He was diagnosed on May 1st with neuroblastoma, and he's undergoing treatment now - five cycles of chemotherapy," said Jaiden's Mom, Crystal Torres.

"I've been doing a lot of fun stuff," Jaidan adds.

Jaidan's smile hasn't dimmed, in part because of the lemonade stand.

"How me and my mom made it was we started squeezing lemon for lemon juice and then we put it in a jar, and then we had water, boiled it, and then we put sugar, mixed it up, put it in that and then we put ice and that's it!" Kaitlyn Barrios said.

Kaitlyn, meanwhile wanted to do a lemonade stand for some time - the question, though is why? She wanted to donate the money to Jaidan's Courageous Cancer Journey. The pair met because Kaitlyn's mother is a family friend.

There isn't a lot a dollar can buy these days, but when you think about what the money is worth, it means a lot.

"The most important thing is keeping his spirits high," says Jaidan's mom.

So how much did they raise?

"Like a lot. I can't count!" Kaitlyn says. "It's free for Stephanie and everyone. Except the adults. The adults have to pay. The adults have to pay because they have money."

Yes, these little kids were selling lemonade, but they're also selling something else - giving grown adults a lesson in selflessness.