Ray Allen next to join Cavs?

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- They were perfect fits in a championship puzzle in Miami.

Mike Miller and James Jones hope to be just as valuable accessories in Cleveland to help LeBron James win a title that would mean more to the superstar than any other.

"Obviously," Miller said, "our goal is to win a championship."

Attracted to the Cavaliers for a chance to play alongside James again, Miller and Jones were introduced Wednesday by the Cavs, who finally got a chance to show off some of their newest assets of this "monumental" summer.

Flanking Cavs general manager David Griffin, Miller and Jones both expressed their excitement at being a part of James' homecoming, a return the Ohio native wants to crown by ending the city's 50-year championship drought. Miller and Jones won back-to-back titles with James and the Heat.

They know what it takes to win, and they know it won't be easy.

"Winning a championship takes a lot of hard work," Miller said. "It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do. I was able to be a part, and James was able to be a part, of an unbelievable ride in Miami."

Among the league's better long-range shooters, Miller and Jones will give Cleveland more weapons to add to the ones it already has in James, All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and forward Kevin Love, who reportedly will be headed to Cavaliers in a trade with Minnesota before the month ends.

Miller and Jones understand what it's like to be on the floor and on the receiving end of a pass from James, one of the best enablers the game has seen.

"It's great," Jones said. "I relish the opportunity to play with LeBron once again and the chance to play with Kyrie, because as a shooter that's what you want, you want good looks. Sometimes the looks can be too open, it gives you too much time to think, but we'll live with those problems. "

Following a disappointing season in 2013-14, the Cavs drafted Andrew Wiggins with the top overall pick, signed coach David Blatt and top assistant Tyronn Lue, rekindled with James and re-signed the four-time MVP after a four-year separation, signed Miller and Jones, and could soon land Love, another of the league's best players.

"I don't know if you can have six months like we've had, but it's been special," Griffin said.

It could get better. Along with the potential deal for Love, which could cost the Cavs Wiggins, Cleveland also has interest in signing free agent Ray Allen, the most prolific 3-point shooter in league history.

Jones recently spent time in Connecticut with Allen, who is weighing retirement against a shot at a fourth championship ring.

"We talked about those things that are important to us, which are families, our legacies and our careers," Jones said. "So he has a decision to make. Of course we'd love to have Ray. Hopefully he makes a decision that's best for him, and hopefully it's a decision to continue to play. But as far as where he goes and what he's thinking, I don't know."

Miller played with James on Tuesday at the superstar's high school alma mater in Akron and reported the "greatest player on the planet right now" looks good following a recent weight loss.

James is gearing up for a season that could top anything he's done so far in his remarkable career, and Miller says he's never seen James so determined.

"I think his passion for wanting to bring a championship back here to Cleveland drives him more than anything," he said. "It's one of the reasons me and James are sitting up here and we're excited to be here. That's one of the reasons, because he's driven to do that and that's exciting. For as much as he's given us, for us to be a part of this and hopefully help him do what he wants to do would be awesome."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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