"Stay Home Superheroes" help children cope with coronavirus pandemic

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Thursday, July 23, 2020
"Stay Home Superheroes" helps comfort children.
Couple wrote the book "Stay Home Superheroes." to help comfort children during the pandemic.

LOS ANGELES -- Anxiety among children is a major concern as the coronavirus pandemic continues. That's why Callie and Leo Silva decided to write the book "Stay Home Superheroes."

"We created it to help normalize social distancing for kids, and everything that we're having to go through as adults and also the children are having to go through. Like washing your hands and staying six feet apart and wearing your mask," said Callie Silva.

Their book follows a young boy named Jax, who now has to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Although he's sad, his mom explains to him that he is a superhero because he is saving lives by staying home and by incorporating other practices like washing his hands.

Even though the Silva's do not have children of their own right now, they have many nieces and nephews. Jax's character was inspired by their nephew, Jaxon.

The couple said they want to further help those affected by the coronavirus by donating 10% of the proceeds.

"One of our goals was to be able to help our community. So, we decided to direct some of the proceeds of the sale of the book to the Los Angeles CA Mayor's Fund," said Leo Silva.