Driver with STAYUMBL license plate, notorious for cutting people off around Durham, charged in incident with bus

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The STAYUMBL license plate is notorious on the road and social media.

Folks say the driver behind the wheel will speed up, cut people off and then slam on her brakes, sometimes causing a crash.

A Durham school bus driver recently whipped out her phone and started recording when she found herself in a standoff with the person she calls a notoriously aggressive driver.

"I finally found her y'all, I finally found her," Jacquanna Barrett-Lewis was heard saying on the recorded video posted to social media.

"She comes flying from behind me, over to the next lane right in front of me, and starts tapping on brakes immediately," Barrett-Lewis told ABC11 on Thursday.

She says the driver had her cell phone out the window the entire time and was recording the incident.

"She's crazy," Barrett-Lewis said. She had just finished dropping off her last student before the incident. "I had dropped them off thankfully, thankfully."

Diana Mems is facing charges after the video went viral. Apparently she's known to officers.

The Durham Police Department says she's been involved in 31 wrecks since 2000 and they have received numerous complaints over the last six months.

In fact, you can find plenty of warnings online to stay out of STAYUMBL's way.

Users on Reddit are questioning her motive and called her the "ultimate scam artist."

One NextDoor app user wrote: "STAYUMBL was one of the reasons that I ended up getting a dash cam."

ABC11 tried to track her down but was unable to find her.

"She's just devoting her life to get these accidents and cause havoc around Durham," said Barrett-Lewis. "Snatch that license, take her off the road. There's no space for her on the road."

Police are encouraging anyone who sees careless driving to call them.

Mems has since changed out her license-plate number.
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