Stedman fires it up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Akilah Davis Image
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Painting it pink for breast cancer
In Stedman, they're painting it pink for breast cancer awareness.

STEDMAN, North Carolina (WTVD) -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and people everywhere are honoring it in different forms and fashions. In Stedman, fire officials are painting hydrants pink.

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It's a sight you don't normally see. The standard red fire hydrant is now pink.

"I think it's to try to get awareness out. Not just for breast cancer, but all cancer," said Stedman Fire Chief Justin Nobles. "It's been very overwhelming. We've had a lot of people stop and take pictures."

On Tuesday, Stedman residents watched in awe as another fire hydrant was painted pink. The second one was at Leslie Campbell's request.

"I lost my grandmother when I was in high school to breast cancer that spread to the liver," Campbell said. "I've had other family members who have beat it."

It's personal for Campbell and plenty of others in the community. Stedman fire officials are also selling shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month hoping to make a difference. They've sold more than 300 both near and far.

"We've got a few in Texas. We've got some in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. I think there's an order for New York," said Amber Moser with Stedman Fire Department.

Some in the community remember Chanda Holst, a local teacher who after five years, lost her battle with breast cancer Monday night.

"She really touched the community and everybody's hurting right now from it," said Paul Pirro, a Stedman resident. "I think everyone wants hope and I hope it gives other women the strength for other women to carry on and fight it."

All the proceeds made from the shirts will go to the Friends of the Cancer Center at Cape Fear Valley. As for the fire hydrants, they'll stay pink until the end of this month.