Steve Harvey, 'Celebrity Family Feud' returns to bring laughs in the name of charity to summer TV

ByGeorge Pennacchio KABC logo
Friday, July 7, 2023
'Celebrity Family Feud' returns with laughs, fun in name of charity
Steve Harvey returns to host a new season of ABC's "Celebrity Family Feud." We will see a changing slate of teams each week, all playing for their favorite charities.

LOS ANGELES -- Comedian Steve Harvey is spending part of his summer "on the bench," starring in the reality series "Judge Steve Harvey." However, his second summertime gig starts this weekend with the new season of "Celebrity Family Feud."

We will see a changing slate of teams each week with the return of ABC's Sunday night fun and games. On "Celebrity Family Feud," two constants remain: It's all for charity, and Steve Harvey is host.

Over the course of the summer, we'll see celebrities from "Dancing with the Stars," the big screen's "Haunted Mansion" and casts from "The Rookie" versus "Rookie Feds."

The first episode of the season features the 1990s and the present-day "Yellowjackets" cast members facing off. They're playing for the LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD.

The cast of "Yellowjackets," led by Christina Ricci and Samantha Hanratty, competes on "Celebrity Family Feud," hosted by Steve Harvey.
ABC/Eric McCandless

This season also features a game between Team Sophia Bush Hughes, playing for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, and Team Gayle King, playing for Sponsors for Educational Opportunity.

Harvey said he has learned there is one key to playing "Feud:" It is not about how smart you are!

"We're gonna ask you about something that has nothing to do with your exposure to world travels, your money, your star power, your last film, your last TV show. And it's humbling," said Harvey. "I think what the regular guy at home gets from watching 'Celebrity Feud' is it's just kinda cool to watch them stumble and bumble and flub it. Just like you would. They also really enjoy the fact that they're human. They blow it too. It's a refreshing night of TV. You can go to bed and realize I'm probably a little smarter than that guy. I still have a shot!"

"Celebrity Family Feud" returns to ABC Sunday night. Check local listings.