Parrots forced to separate at British zoo for excessive swearing

A wildlife park outside London known for its singing parrot has a problem on its hands.

Well, five other parrots at the wildlife park have had to be separated... because they curse and were encouraging each other to do so.

The parrots, Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie, were donated from separate owners to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park within the same week, so the birds were quarantined together.

They must not have gotten along because soon they were swearing and cussing at each other. And then also at visitors - who started cussing back.

The zoo removed the parrots from public view so children wouldn't hear the profanity.

They were put in different colonies, but the park's chief executive said there's no guarantee they won't spread their bad habit. Zoo staff members are hoping their language will get more "family friendly" now that they're separated.

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