Nonprofit inspires young people with Down syndrome to find their inner abilities

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Monday, June 21, 2021
Nonprofit inspires people with Down syndrome
The Art of Runway works to help individuals with Down syndrome build their self-esteem and social skills through inclusive make-up classes.The Art of Runway is a nonprofit that holds inclusive make-up workshops to help individuals with Down syndrome build their self-esteem.

LOS ANGELES -- For over a decade, The Art of Runway has been working to help young people with Down syndrome build their confidence and self-esteem.

Renadda Wiggins is the woman behind the Los Angeles-area nonprofit.

"When you look beautiful, you're gonna feel beautiful. So it is building that confidence to make them feel beautiful," said Wiggins.

They use different runway techniques, affirmations, workout routines and other exercises that promote a better quality of life. This program is not only available for individuals with Down syndrome, it is also available for individuals with autism, ADHD and DHH.

Wiggins has seen it change lives and parents have too.

"It gives her confidence and she feels good about herself. It's helped her to feel more included in society," Catherine Bailey said about her daughter.

The workshop also gets the girls out of the house at a time when everyone is tired of being stuck inside.

"Sometimes being cooped up with a tablet is not good for them. So for them to just be able to come out and do things that typical developing children or adults do is good," said Brianna Cortez.

Some eye shadow, blush and lip stick and smiles -- lots of smiles. And not just for girls learning to put makeup up on, but for the volunteers helping too.