Second Triangle family wins 'Great Christmas Light Fight'

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Happyland Christmas Lights are another Triangle winner
Happyland Christmas Lights are not only for fun, they honor the memory of a loved one.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Dozens of figurines and tens of thousands of lights make up the Happyland Christmas display -- a show that's been going strong for more than 20 years.

The Moore family is one of two local winners of ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight," and their display means more to them than just putting on a big show.

"'Where do you store it? What's your electric bill?'" are just some of the questions Bobby Moore, the display creator, said everyone asks him.

"And I always say the electric bill is $2 and I store most of the stuff under the bed."

He likes to make jokes about the display, but he's serious about Christmas. It's sentimental for him, and that sentiment goes way back.

"My grandfather actually did the floats and all the lights over the streets for the Raleigh Christmas parades," Moore said.

"These figurines out in this yard, yeah, they mean everything to me because I grew up seeing these things and always remembered them."

He bought dozens of vintage Christmas figurines the City of Raleigh used to display in the 1950s and 60s and repainted, restored and gave them new life for "Happyland."

And while his grandfather inspired his love for Christmas, it's his nephew who caused that love and the display to grow.

"My nephew started coming by, he would say 'more lights, more lights,' and he was a special needs child, just loved Christmas lights, so we dedicated the entire display to him after he passed away," Moore said.

His nephew passed away from complications of pneumonia. Now, the family uses the display to help other families - ones fighting pediatric cancer. This year, they raised $1,400 for the cause.


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Holiday lights around the Triangle

"We get people that drive up with their kids in the back seat that have experienced brain tumors ... yeah, that's a tissue night," Moore said.

"You cannot hold the tears back, but it'll break your heart, and again, you know you're doing something good, and these kids are feeling and enjoying it, and that's the joy of Christmas."

See the lights for yourself at 5504 Huntingwood Drive, Raleigh. You can also watch "The Great Christmas Light Fight" on demand on the ABC app.

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