Dozens of COVID-19 cases across the US linked to NC summer camp

Thursday, July 29, 2021

TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, N.C. -- At least 75 cases of COVID-19 across 17 states have been linked back to a western North Carolina summer camp, county officials said.

Transylvania Public Health officials said the cases stemmed from campers and staff members who attended the Christian summer program, Wilds camp near Rossman between June 28 and July 17. Only four of the 75 overall cases were Transylvania County residents.

Last week, a spokesperson for the camp told ABC-affiliate WLOS, "We've been checking our staff, we've been doing screenings for everyone who comes onto the campsite and anticipating they're coming to our campsite healthy. And the anticipation is that they would leave healthy, as well."

The camp has no plans of canceling other sessions and is now asking campers to take a COVID-19 test before sessions.