Thieves steal $1,200 worth of Christmas gifts for children from Greensboro toy drive

Monday, November 27, 2017
Christmas present

GREENSBORO -- A Greensboro teacher is torn up after learning thieves stole Christmas gifts that were meant for her students.

Donna Whiteman was almost in tears after she discovered toys, which were meant for her students at Oakhill Elementary School, had been stolen.

"You know they're stealing from babies," Whiteman told WGHP.

Whiteman said what upset her most is that she may have to tell them Christmas might not come this year.

"It's hard to think that they've been violated in such a way," Whiteman said.

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She said the two thieves stole the gifts from a local toy drive organization.

According to toy drive organizers, in surveillance video, the thieves back a truck up to a semi-trailer and loaded it up with boxes filled with Hess trucks, headphones, and other items totaling $1,200.

Organizers believe the perps will try to resell the items.

Director of the toy drive James Copeland said they keep the trailers in a secluded, off the radar location, so whoever stole the gifts is extremely familiar with their operations, adding that he thinks it was someone they've helped before.

"I can only think that it was somebody that has received from us in the past," Copeland said.


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