'I didn't want anything to go bad': Chapel Hill man recounts encounter with UNC lockdown suspect

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Friday, September 15, 2023
Chapel Hill man recounts alarming encounter with UNC lockdown suspect
Tracy Weis says he was the man threatened by UNC lockdown suspect Mikel Harris in a Sept. 5 road rage incident in which Harris faces charges.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- There is no mistaking who Tracy Weis saw on TV Wednesday, he says.

He said he knew because he had met Mickel Harris, the man accused of a gun scare that led to a lockdown at UNC-Chapel Hill on Wednesday.

"To carry a gun on campus, we all know that's a no-no," Weis said. "For him to be bold enough to do that means he has no fear."

Weis encountered Harris inadvertently at Old Durham Road and Scarlett Drive in Chapel Hill last week. Weis had just dropped his younger daughter off at her bus stop.

"On the way back to get my 14-year-old, I stopped at the minimart and I was going to stop and get a drink," Weis said. "He had come off a side street, ran a stop sign in front of me, and then did another illegal U-turn in front of another truck."

Weis said he yelled at Harris, but things didn't end up there after he pulled into the convenience store. As soon as he could look up, he said that Harris had threatened him with a baseball bat.

Harris allegedly took out a gun.

"He started cussing me out, said he could take my life," said Weis, who noted that his disability prevented him from trying to fight back.

Eventually, the other man got into his car and took off.

"I told him I had two little girls, I didn't want anything to go bad," he said.

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On Thursday, prosecutors brought up the assault charge against Harris alongside the other one of bringing a gun to campus.

Weis is grateful that he is OK.

"I thought it was just a one-time thing, that he was having a bad morning or whatever," Weis said. "Now I see he's done it multiple times. It's going to escalate to where he's going to end up killing someone before it's all over with."