Iowa man wins $1 in lottery, gets millionaire treatment

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Tyler Heep didn't win the big jackpot. In fact, he wasn't even close. But there was one thing that made his win feel big: the check.

Heep told WHO-TV he used some change from his car to buy a scratch-off.

After finding out he had won $1, he decided to cash it in -- like all jackpot winners do.

He jokingly asked officials at the Iowa Lottery headquarters for the "big prize" and they obliged.

"They decided to treat me like a million dollar winner," Heep said, "The guy came down the stairs and they took me into the back room where the camera was with the Iowa Lottery logo. Sure enough, they wrote me the one dollar check and had me hold it up and took the picture."

So, what did he spend his winning on? A half gallon of gas.