People camp out for a spot at Sup Dogs during Final Four Tobacco Road Showdown

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Everyone is making plans and trying to secure the best spot for the big matchup on Saturday. Some people camped out at a Franklin Street Restaurant and Bar to get the best seat in the house.

Starting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Sup Dogs opened up to accept in-person reservation for Saturday night. Each seat at a table was $30 and each person has to spend a minimum of $60 on food and drinks on game day. But for many, the price tag didn't matter as long as they could secure a seat on Franklin Street to witness history.

"I knew that I wanted to be on Franklin Street for what I truly believe is going to be the greatest sporting event of my lifetime. And when Sup Dogs said they were taking reservations this morning I knew I had to be here early because everybody else was thinking the same thing that I did. And I made that decision, set my alarm for 4:30, got my butt out of bed and got here," law school student Megan Laney said.

People started lining up at Sup Dogs' front door at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. They set up tents and bundled up, and some say braving the cold is worth it.

"Oh it's going to be worth staying overnight. It's just the journey. I think UNC's been an underdog and kind of an afterthought for the last month and they're here and I think they're going to surprise everyone and I think they're going to win the game," said Michael Rollings, alumni.

Another popular spot on Franklin Street is Top of the Hill. Their reservations went on sale on Monday and are already sold out.
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